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So, it’s been a while, slightly too long. The thing is I’ve been fortunate enough to have been to India. My three friends and I flew into Mumbai then traveled up through Rajasthan stopping at Udaipur, Jaipur, Pushkar then Agra. We then went down to Varanasi where we were able to see the Ghats and experience the Hindu rituals for the dead. Then we finished with a week in Rishikesh doing some yoga and just chilling out.

I found so many things fascinating about this country, starting with the heat. The moment I stepped out of Mumbai airport was as though I had walked into a city sized sauna. I spent my first few days drenched in sweat with locals actually laughing when they saw this pale, red and sweaty Brit abroad walking around. We went to the Gateway of India, classic colonial monument, and being the only white people there we were kinda the centre of attention. So many people came up to us, bombarding us with photo requests... it was brilliant, if you need your ego boosted, go to India.

Now, if you have read my blog before then you’d know that I may have a slight (extreme) admiration towards art. In Mumbai there were exhibitions of the students works from the university. I noticed that there was a vast amount of works inspired by key figures from Indian heritage. Gandhi and the history of the Indian people was such a predominant feature in all of these students works. Unlike the work I’ve seen by students at home, which is far more focused on teen entrapment the addiction culture in which the new generation is going through. These kind of liberal and exposing subject matters were far from what these students were painting. Personally, i feel as though the most overwhelming part about this incredible country was the architecture. The temples were so decorative and colourful and just full of life. They just made you smile and showed how simple and joyful life can be.

The way of life there are was the most interesting part of going there.

I will continue with India stories over the next few weeks.... it’s good to be home!!

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