I guess you could call me an aspiring art critic, an admirer of Clive Bell and Frida Kahlo reincarnated with a dash of Rococo.



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My name is Alexia and I am 21 years old. I have just graduated Oxford Brookes University where I read History of Art. The question 'what is art?' is one that gets thrown around left, right, and centre, especially as a response to avant-garde and abstract art which can make no logical sense at first glance. Art is not a thing that can solely be described in a sentence when googled. Art is a feeling, art is an emotion, art is expression. The very idea that it can be whittled down to some kind of precise formula is simply naïve. To understand art, one must either look and make up their own mind or simply accept the fact that it was not made to be understood. The concept put forth by Clive Bell was that art was to be understood through the way it makes you feel rather than what you recognise. With modern art this approach is necessary as by removing recognisable identification one creates space for an emotional experience. Yes, this easier said than done as it reaches beyond what people have always learnt. Art for me creates meaning in a world full of confusion. It angers me, excites me, and intrigues me. I enjoy writing about different ideas in this vast artistic world of expression. I am always open to learn and love hearing about new ideas, artists, and exhibitions. This is my space to grow and develop my voice and approach to art, enjoy. 


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